Nasal Surgery in Tuscaloosa

Every year, many patients choose to undergo nasal surgery in Tuscaloosa to improve nasal breathing problems or correct deformities from injury or birth. Nasal surgery may be necessary in the case of a nasal injury, like a fractured nose or a chronically stuffy nose.

Stuffy Nose

Living with a stuffy nose can be annoying and even cause chronic breathing problems. A blockage that is causing the “stuffy” feeling may be related to structural abnormalities in the nose or even swelling due to allergies. A deviated septum can commonly block one or both nasal passages, which can hinder breathing. Overgrown turbinates (tissue inside the nasal passage) can also cause stuffiness. Surgery can correct all of these symptoms for a better breathing experience.

Broken Nose

A broken nose is often the result of injury or accident. If a fractured nose results in visibly displaced bones, surgery may be needed to return the bones to their correct positions. Surgery is often done within a week after the injury so that the bones do not have the opportunity to heal in an incorrect position. If the injury has led to compromised breathing, septorhinoplasty, or corrective nasal surgery, may be necessary. This is an outpatient procedure that is done to correct breathing problems.

Aging Nose

As the nose ages, cartilage and the nose tip are weakened, and begin to droop. This can cause the sides of the nose to collapse, inhibiting air flow. This can lead to breathing problems. In these cases, a septoplasty may be required. This procedure involves repositioning septal cartilage and bone, and can result in a dramatic improvement in breathing.


While insurance does not commonly cover cosmetic surgery to the nose, like a rhinoplasty, surgery to correct or improve breathing function or major injury may be covered. Patients should discuss their cost information with their insurance carrier prior to surgery for more information.

If you believe you may be in need of nasal surgery, contact Tuscaloosa ENT today to schedule a consultation. During a consultation, one of our ENT specialists will examine your nose and determine if you are in need of nasal surgery.

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