Voice Disorders in Tuscaloosa

Voice disorders are defined as having a vocal quality that distracts others from what the speaker is saying. This can involve problems with pitch and loudness. Oftentimes, voice disorders are also associated with discomfort, pain, or fatigue when speaking.

Humans have two vocal cords in the voice box, also called the larynx. When we talk, air moved from the lungs through the vocal cords, which vibrate to cause sound. If one or both of the vocal cords are not functioning correctly, voice disorders can occur.

Common forms of voice disorders include:


A viral infection is the most common cause of laryngitis. This infection inflames the larynx, also known as the voice box, which can cause the voice to become hoarse or raspy. While this condition is usually short-term it can be chronic as well. Chronic symptoms are those that last longer than two weeks. Individuals who are experiencing chronic laryngitis should seek the treatment of a doctor, as it may cause more serious issues.


Both bacterial and viral infections can cause pharyngitis. This condition occurs when the pharynx, located at the back of the throat, becomes inflamed. This can lead to scratchiness of the throat and difficulty swallowing. Oftentimes, laryngitis and pharyngitis occur simultaneously. Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat pharyngitis, though home remedies such as rest and fluids can often resolve this condition.

If you are experiencing trouble speaking, along with a sore throat, or trouble breathing or swallowing, contact Tuscaloosa ENT today. Our ENT physicians can properly diagnose your condition and help you receive proper treatment.

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